about us

Jewellery made to love, and for love – since 2018

In 2018, Rita Behjati and her partners opened their jewellery ONLINE shopping with a simple yet social media vision with SUN and MOON GOLD: to make fine jewellery accessible to everybody. 4 years later, SUN and MOON GOLD has more than myriad customers in North America, Europe and Australia. We remain committed to creating quality jewellery for our customers to cherish for a lifetime. From 1979 till now and into our future, one constant underpins all that we do: we’re for love.

In 2018 SUN and MOON GOLD stated up into Canada with our first office in Toronto. The company expanded our range to include a wide array of collections. In 2020, we expanded our business for perfect services to customers and the arts. Today, the SUN and MOON GOLD serves thousands of customers every year by celebrating love in around the world.

A commitment to craftsmanship and quality has always been at the core of SUN and MOON GOLD. As we continue to create new and diverse collections for our customers to love, our jewellery will always be made with a focus on quality, responsibility, and authenticity.