2023 Diamond Trends: The15 most popular Shapes of diamonds + Pictures

 Diamond trends change with time. This year’s trend for buying diamonds is that their suppliers have to provide them without causing any hostilities or by taking moral considerations. There are many 2023 diamond trends such as oval, round cut and colorful diamonds. Read the rest of this article to find out what diamond shape is in trend for Jewelry set in 2023!

What are the Top 2023 Diamonds Trends: 1. Oval-shaped diamonds

Why are we so fascinated with diamonds? Is it because they are very hard stones that are made of carbon beneath the surface of the earth, creating one of the most resistant and unbreakable stones in the world? Or is it because they are just sparkly and brilliant and have held our attention since ancient days? No! The point is that they are aesthetically enchanting. The 2023 diamond trends in a variety of forms and sizes are in jewelry stores.    

Want your diamond to look dazzling and show off all of its shining and glorious brilliance? Then the oval shape is a perfect choice for you. With an oval shape, your diamond will have a longer look and it will perfectly show off its brilliant colors.  

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 2023 Diamond Trends, Diamonds Forever

2023 Diamond trends: 2. Pear shape diamonds

If you want something like oval-shaped diamonds that have a long width, you can buy the perfect wedding ring with pear-shaped diamonds. It gives feminine energy to your jewelry! So, if you want your diamond jewelry to have a delicate look and also glitter, then a tear-shaped diamond is an excellent choice for you. 

2023 Diamond trends, Pear shape diamonds

What style of diamond is popular now: 3. Round-cut diamonds

Round cut diamond is one of the most famous and oldest models in the collection of 2023 diamond trends. Many techniques and creativity are used to cut the Round cut diamond to have more light and shine with all-around reflection with 58 cutting facets.

You can never go wrong with Round-cut diamonds. The Round cut is a timeless shape and by wearing it you get to show the brilliant colors the diamond reflects.

Round-cut diamonds, 2023 Diamond trends

Top 2023 diamond trend: 4. Emerald cut diamonds

Emerald cut diamond is one of the hottest 2023 diamond trends this year and one that celebrities love. They have square or rectangular shapes and their facets are in parallel lines with each other.

This type of shape makes this kind of diamond look larger. If you want your diamond to be glamorous, you can choose this one. You can find luxury earrings with this diamond-cut model at Sun & Moon Jewelry.

Emerald cut diamonds, The 2023 diamond trends

Best 2023 diamond trends: 5. Heart-shaped diamond

Want something with an air of romance? If you want to have a delightful token of affection that always remains with you or shows your love to another, heart-shaped diamonds are the best.

Heart-shaped diamonds can be embedded in Gold bracelets, Gold pendants, and earrings. So, you have a lot of options with this type of diamond which makes it one of the top 2023 diamond trends.

Heart-shaped diamond, 2023 diamond trends

Most dazzling diamond trends: 6. The Marquis cut diamonds

The Marquis cut diamond has an elegant and stylish look and is perfect for the 2023 diamond trends which are all about diamonds with a distinctive look. So, if you want something other than classic diamond shapes, the Marquis cut diamond is the ideal choice for you.

The Marquis cut diamonds, 2023 diamond trends

Best 2023 diamond trend: 7. Princess cut diamonds

One diamond shape that is always guaranteed to come on top is the princess cut diamond. This kind of diamond is square-shaped and showcases the beautiful lines of the diamond with its sparkly brilliance. For many people, the princess cut is their preferred shape of the diamond and if you want to look for popular 2023 diamond trends, this shape’s got you covered.

Princess cut diamonds, 2023 diamond trends

Top 2023 diamond trends: 8. Cushion-shaped diamonds

Do you like diamonds with square or rectangular shapes that have round edges? Then you can choose a cushion-cut diamond. This type of diamond has a unique shape that dazzles you with its brilliance and is a modern choice for your jewelry.

2023 diamond trends, Cushion-shaped diamonds

Hottest diamond trends: 9. Baguette diamonds

Baguette diamonds the hottest 2023 diamond trends, have a long look and they are one of the popular choices of jewelry this year. These shapes are perfect for showing the diamond’s many facets.

They are also a favorite style of diamond to use in making side stone rings. So, if you are looking for something rectangular that has an elongated look, then a baguette diamond is the perfect choice for you.

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Baguette diamonds The top 2023 diamond trends for a wedding set

Top diamond trends: 10. Big and bold

The bigger they are, the better they get! If you like flashy big diamond styles, then big and bold diamond shapes are the perfect style in the collection of 2023 diamond trends. So, if you are a fan of brandishing your glorious diamonds to the world, this kind of diamond is ideal for you.

The 2023 diamond trends for unique Wedding ring

The hottest 2023 diamond trends: 11. Geometric diamonds

There is no denying the appeal of diamonds with geometric designs. Sure, classically shaped diamonds like round or princess-cut will always be popular, but geometric diamonds with their angular shapes like square, rectangular, and triangular are becoming more and more trendy.

So, if you have decided that you want to try something new other than classic shapes, geometric-shaped diamonds are a good choice for your jewelry.

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Geometric diamonds increasingly popular in 2023 diamond trends

Best 2023 diamond trends: 12. Halo diamonds

Imagine a ring with a diamond at the center that is surrounded by smaller or larger diamonds! It is something to behold, isn’t it? The style of Halo diamonds dazzles the eyes and is used in rings, earrings, bracelets and gold pendants. When you add this type of diamond to your jewelry, it makes them even more sparkly and brilliant than before.

Halo diamonds The Hottest 2023 diamond trends

Top Diamond trends: 13. Bonus diamonds

If you like astonishing new models of diamond styles, then bonus diamonds are the ideal type of 2023 diamond trends. Bonus diamonds can add to various types of diamond shapes. In this way, the diamond pieces are more brilliant and beautiful.

For instance, in Gold accessory, adding small stones to the surrounding gems makes them even more brilliant than before and that is what bonus diamonds can do. So, if you like something new and surprising, bonus diamonds are one of the top trending diamond styles this year for satisfying your diamond needs.

Bonus diamonds 2023 diamond trends for contemporary engagement rings.

2023 Diamond Trends: 14. Old World Charm

Are you interested in traditional styles of jewelry? If so, then you’ll like art Deco and vintage designs. These styles remind us of art styles of the past decades and have a classic beauty to them. That is why they are one of the top trends of diamonds this year. If you like old designs for your jewelry, definitely go for the old Charm motifs.

2023 diamond trends for Old World Charm

Top 2023 diamond trends: 15. Pave setting diamonds

Pave setting style is another hottest 2023 diamond trend. If you have seen a ring with this style, you’ve probably seen diamonds along the length of the band of the ring. But a pave setting style of diamond is not just limited to rings, but also earrings, pendants and bracelets. This style of diamond is good for those who want their jewelry to be decked with rows and rows of sparkling diamonds.

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2023 diamond trends with Pave setting style

Trending diamond styles for 2023: 16. Celestial motifs

Want your jewelry to have a mystical and celestial feel to it? If that is your preference, shapes like the sun, moon and stars and astrology symbols fit the description of what you’re looking for. Celestial shapes add a mystical quality to your jewelry, especially for diamond jewelry.

Celestial motifs the unique shape in 2023 diamond trends

Trending diamond styles for 2023: Engagement rings

Few things are as important as choosing the best engagement ring, especially when you want to choose a diamond engagement ring. You might ask yourself: what kind of style can I choose for an engagement ring?

For engagement rings, diamonds with classical designs are always the top choice; But recently, colorful diamonds with blue and black colors have also become the 2023 diamond trends.

2023 diamond trends for unique engagement rings

Trending diamond styles for 2023: Tennis bracelets

Another choice for the best 2023 diamond trends is the tennis bracelet. The tennis bracelet has made a strong comeback this year, although it was never out of fashion. but this year it has become even more fashionable. You can match tennis bracelets with different outfits and with other pieces of jewelry.

tennis bracelet with 2023 diamond trends

Hottest 2023 diamond trends: Clip earrings

One style of diamond that is sure to attract attention is this 90s style of earring. Clip earring were very popular during the 90s, and they have also become trendy now. But this year, their design is flashy and bigger. So, if you want to look your best, definitely add clip earrings to your choice of jewelry.

2023 Diamond trends for Clip earrings

Trending diamond Styles: Bangle bracelets

Are you in the mood for more bracelets? If you are, ring bracelets can satisfy your bracelet cravings, especially bracelets with diamonds that sparkle and glitter. You can match them with other pieces of jewelry and even look more fantastic than you already are.

2023 diamond trends for Bangle bracelets

2023 Diamond trends: Stud earrings

The 2023 diamond trend is all about being flashy and daring. Stud earrings have a minimal design, so they might not be as popular as other flashy styles of diamond jewelry. However, don’t underestimate stud earrings. They look elegant and you can match them with any clothes or outfits you have.

Stud earrings with hottest 2023 diamond trends

Top trends in the diamond industry: Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are also a style of earrings originally from the 80s and 90s which have also become popular this year. Now imagine them studded with diamonds.

What more could you ask for? Hoops will transform your style from ordinary to breathtaking and you can match them with both formal and informal outfits.

Hoop earrings with 2023 diamond trends

Popular 2023 diamond trends: 2 and 3-stone rings

Are you a fan of jewelry that symbolizes another meaning? If you are, then you definitely will love 2 and 3-stone rings with diamonds. 2 and 3-stone rings will become your favorite, especially when you set them with earrings with colorful diamonds.

rings with 2023 diamond trends

Popular 2023 diamond trends: Signet rings

In the past, wearing a signet ring showed which family you belonged to. Now their designs fit the bill for the big and bold jewelry trends for this year. So, if you wear big signet rings with sparkling diamonds embedded in them, it is sure to attract everyone’s attention.

2023 diamond trends signet rings

Can I invest in diamonds?

Definitely! A diamond is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it also has investment value. The reason for that is the demand for buying diamonds has increased in recent years and that’s why it makes a good investment.

kinds of rings with 2023 diamond trends

What diamond shapes are usually used for engagement rings?

If you want to get an engagement ring and don’t know what shape to use and which shapes are trending for engagement rings? 2023 diamond trends that are used for engagement rings are Oval, Round and Marquise shapes.

Trending engagement rings with 2023 diamond trends

Were diamond earrings still fashionable in 2022?

Yes for 2022, studs, hoops and drop and dangle earrings were one of the most popular diamond earrings for last year.

Most popular earrings with 2023 diamond trends

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No one can deny the allure of diamonds. For our diamond jewelry, we naturally want to pick the best styles and designs in the market. Every year, the trends for diamonds and jewelry styles change.

In this article, we spoke about the trending jewelry styles for 2023 diamond trends and you can choose what you prefer among them. If you love jewelry and want to purchase the best equality jewels out there, make sure to check out our Sun and Moon jewelry store. Here, we offer top-quality jewelry at the best prices.

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