Best rings For Men: A Comprehensive Guide to Find The Perfect Ring!

Rings have been around for a long time. Although we often see jewelry and rings on women, men also wear rings. In ancient times, when men wore rings, it usually implied that they were rich, had a high social standing, or were married. Nowadays, men also wear rings, but for different purposes. But what is the benefit of wearing rings for men? And what are the best rings for men? Read on to find out!

Best rings for men

For men and women, jewelry and accessories are significant parts of style, and the ring is one of the popular accessories among both sexes. Classically, however, the ring on men’s hands was more of a symbol than an accessory.

Different designs, shapes, or materials were worn to show loyalty, commitment, and love. Over time, the symbolism behind this trend faded, but rings remained prominent in men’s fashion.

Even today, rings are a part of men’s daily accessories, so it is better to think about the best men’s fashion rings. Next, we decide to introduce the best rings for men.

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The benefits of wearing rings for men

Before we get into the business of best rings for men, see how guys can benefit from wearing a ring. Are rings on guys cool? And what do men get out of wearing a ring:

  • Wearing a ring halts the unwanted romantic advance
  • Rings can be helpful objects to focus your stress
  • Rings complement your style
  • Support your favorite club or party with rings
  • Show off your wealth

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Why is wearing a ring for a man beneficial?

Which finger to wear best rings for men

Men who want to put on rings might think: which finger is the best for wearing a ring? Usually, you can put your ring on every finger you like, and no specific law or rule dictates otherwise. However, there are certain customs and norms for every finger. Read on we will talk about the meaning of wearing rings on each finger; so that, you can decide the right finger to wear stylish men’s rings.

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Which finger is suitable for the best rings for men?

Best men’s rings choice of a finger: Thumbs

Usually, people put rings on their index or the ring finger, so the thumb is an uncommon choice for wearing a ring. However, wearing the best rings for men on the thumb has become increasingly popular recently. So, if you have more than one ring to put on your fingers, you can put them on your thumb.

wearing rings on thumb, the best rings for Men

Best finger for stylish men’s rings: The index finger

The index finger is a common choice for wearing a ring. We use our index finger to point out the things around us, so it makes sense why we want one to choose this finger. Also, in the past, powerful people wore signet rings on their index fingers to show which family they belonged to. So, if you want a finger to show off the best rings for men that you have, the index finger is a good choice.

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the best rings for men on index finger

The best finger for men’s rings: Middle finger

Unlike the index finger, the middle finger has no historical significance. So, you can wear any ring on this finger. However, be careful not to wear a thick ring on it because it might overcrowd your index and ring finger. The best rings for men to wear on the middle finger are small ones.

best finger for men's rings

The ideal finger for wearing men’s rings: The ring finger

The ring finger is the most traditional choice for men to put their ring on. The best rings for men to wear on this finger are gold wedding rings! However, you don’t have to follow the rules. If you have a ring, you can wear your ring on any one of your fingers. However, if you put your ring on this specific finger, people, based on traditions and customs, might think you are married.

Silver ring, the best rings for men

Best rings for men: The pinky finger

In the previous sections, we said that in the past, men used to wear a signet ring. It showed that they belonged to a specific family. It turns out that men didn’t wear signet rings on their index fingers. They also wore them on their pinky fingers. However, the use of these signet rings was quite different.

In the past, men wore signet rings on their pinky fingers to validate legal papers. They did this by putting the signet ring in molten wax and stamping it to create a seal. Nowadays, we use pens for signing, and envelopes are easy to seal. But pinky fingers are still in use. You can wear the best rings for men on them to show you belong to a club or commemorate your graduation from college.

silver ring in pinky finger, the best rings for men

What are the best rings for men?

There are so many rings with different designs and materials that men can choose from. In this section, we will name and explain stylish men’s rings and that you can choose from.

Signet rings, best men’s luxury rings

Signet Rings are a traditional choice of ring for men. There is usually an engraving or a design on the head of these rings that can be an emblem, a figure, or a pattern. You can even order your signet ring customized with the design of your favorite football team crest or motif.

These best rings for men are usually gold, silver, or other precious metals. You can wear your signet ring on your pinky or index finger, although the pinky is the more popular choice for wearing this type of ring.

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Signet Ring is the best rings for men

The best rings for men: A wedding ring

What is the best type of ring for a man? A wedding ring? You know about this one. Men wear their wedding rings on their left-hand ring finger. Wedding rings are mostly made of gold or silver and have a simple design.

Men usually don’t buy wedding rings made of materials like platinum or diamond, but it is becoming more fashionable nowadays. It will be a day that these rings become the best rings for men!

the simple shape rign is the best ring for men

The best rings for men: Pinky ring

As the name suggests, pinky rings are for pinky fingers. Pinky rings are small-sized, and you don’t have to worry about them getting in your way when working with your hands. Furthermore, when it comes to the material of pinky rings, there are more diverse options. These stylish men’s rings can be either gold, plastic, silver, or even leather.

 Pinky rings are the best rings for men

The best men’s fashion rings: Thumb rings

I know your thumb is not the usual finger to put your ring on. But thumb rings can be a great choice if your ring is bulky and heavy and you don’t want to wear them on your other fingers. For example, skull rings are the best rings for men with big thumbs. You can choose different materials like stainless steel, gold, etc.

thumb rings for men; the best rings for men
A guide to buying the best rings for men: The materials

One of the first things you should consider for buying fashion rings for men is: what is the best men’s ring material? Material is of importance for fashion rings for men because if it is material that they are allergic to, it can cause problems early on or later for them.

Therefore, when selecting the best rings for men, you should consider the material and the quality since good material doesn’t cause allergy and doesn’t bend or break easily.

writing rings; the best rings for men

Are gold rings the best rings for men?

When it comes to rings, especially wedding rings, gold is a classic and traditional choice. It was the first type of metal that jewelers used to make jewelry since it was easy to work with. However, if you want the best quality men’s rings, you can choose 18-carat gold rings.

It is because pure gold rings are soft and are improper for a durable gold ring. Also, pure gold is expensive. But 18k gold is made of 75% gold, is more durable, and is suitable for making jewelry. But are gold rings the best rings for men?

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Gold rings the classical rings for wedding, the best rings for men

Pros of wearing gold rings for men

Gold is a traditional choice that doesn’t go out of style. You can easily distinguish it from other metals because of its shiny color and appearance. Also, it does not tarnish quickly, so gold rings are the best rings for men

Cons of wearing a gold ring for men

If you consider gold rings as the best rings for men and prefer pure gold, you have to know it is not a suitable metal for making rings because it breaks easily. On the other hand, the other metals in gold alloys might cause allergic reactions to your skin.

So, even though those alloys make it possible to create gold rings, you have to be aware of the allergic reactions they may cause. Lastly, gold is an expensive metal, and many people might not have the budget to purchase gold rings.

cons and pros of gold rings for men, the best rings for men

Best rings for men in white gold

White gold is a result of combining gold with other metals such as silver, copper, platinum, or nickel. The shining appearance of white gold is because the jewelers apply rhodium and give it a bright white shine.

The good thing about white gold rings as the best for men is that they are beautiful, strong, and durable. The main reason is that the gold in this type of metal is combined with nickel and makes a strong alloy that can’t break easily.

The best metal for the best rings for men: White gold

Pros of wearing the white gold ring for men

If you want a ring with multiple colored gems, you can wear white gold rings. This type of gold ring can have colored gemstones embedded in it and looks fantastic. Another good thing about these best rings for men is their enduring quality because they don’t rust or get discolored.

Cons of wearing white gold rings for men

Is white gold proper to make the best rings for men? As we said, a white gold ring consists of gold and other metals like copper or nickel. So, if your skin is sensitive to nickel, this might be a problem later. Furthermore, many white gold rings have rhodium plating that might erode with time.

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Cons and pros of white gold for the best rings for men

Best Rings for Men by Platinum

Do you want something that is even more valued and costly than gold? If so, then platinum is the ideal metal for your ring. Platinum has a high density and is usually mined in South Africa. Every year, 160 tons of platinum are extracted from the mines.

One of the things that makes platinum a good metal for men’s rings is that it is much more durable than gold. Therefore, it is an ideal metal for holding gemstones in the ring because it is a tough metal that does not break easily; and it holds the gems tight. So, if you want the best rings for men, go for platinum!

Pros of wearing platinum rings for men

One of the best things about wearing platinum rings is their good durability, so you won’t have to worry about them getting broken anytime soon. Also, platinum rings are the best rings for men who like wearing gemstone rings. Another good thing about platinum rings is they are non-allergenic, so your skin won’t get irritated if you wear a platinum ring.

Cons of wearing platinum rings for men

If you’re not worried about your budget and can spend more money on platinum rings, then its high costs might not be a problem. But if you have a tight budget, you might find it hard to purchase a platinum ring because they are so expensive.

Also, platinum rings have high density, so they are heavy, and you can feel their weight on your fingers. 

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best rings for men made of palatinum

Best rings for Men by the stylish men’s rings metal, Titanium

Do you want something durable and tight but light in weight? If so, titanium got you covered. The titanium façade has a shiny silver color. But don’t be fooled. Titanium is as durable as steel but weighs very little.

Well, a titanium ring weighs 20% of a platinum ring and 25% of a gold ring on your finger. So, if you think the best rings for men should look pretty and have a shiny appearance, titanium rings are ideal options.

Pros of wearing titanium rings for men

Why is titanium a good choice of the best rings for men? It’s because this metal has lightweight and long durability. Another advantage to titanium is that it is environmentally friendly, and you can recycle them.

Cons of wearing titanium rings for men

Although titanium has many good qualities and is a good metal for making stylish men’s rings, it is an expensive metal. Therefore, if you are not worried about your budget and want to purchase something durable, titanium is the best metal for your ring. Another thing about a titanium ring is because it weighs little, you almost forget you are wearing it.

Titanium rings are the best rings for men

Best rings for Men in sterling silver

The history of using silver in jewelry is very long. Its earliest use goes back to at least 4500 years ago. When using silver was popular in ancient Egypt, it had more value even than gold. In comparison with rings of many other metals, silver rings are beautiful and much cheaper. So, silver rings are the best rings for men who don’t want to spend much money.

The silver you see used in making rings is sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver combined with another metal (for example, copper). The reason is that pure silver is soft, so it is unsuitable for making jewelry. But an alloy of silver and another metal makes it more durable, even though it increases the risk of being eroded or discolored over time.

Pros of wearing sterling silver rings for men

Silver has a beautiful and shiny appearance, and silver ring is one of the best man’s fashion rings. It is a durable metal, cheaper than gold and many other metals. Therefore, you can buy it at better prices.

Cons of wearing sterling silver rings for men

A silver ring is one of the best rings for men because it has a better price than other metals. But, since sterling silver is an alloy of copper and silver, it might be eroded with time. Furthermore, in making sterling silver, other metals like copper are used, and for people with an allergy to copper, this may be a problem.

The ideal metal for best rings for men

Best Rings for Men by Marcasite

Marcasite consists of iron pyrite or fool’s gold that is embedded into silver. Marcasite was a fashionable choice for jewelry in the late Victorian period. In those days, Marcasite jewelry was mostly used instead of gold and with gemstones like Onyx. If you want the best rings for men with a shiny appearance and cheaper than gold, Marcasite is the metal for you.

Pros of wearing Marcasite rings

The good thing about wearing a Marcasite ring as one of the best men’s fashion rings is that although it has a shiny appearance, it is cheaper than gold. So you don’t have to worry about your budget.

Cons of wearing a Marcasite ring

Marcasite is not a durable metal and can break easily, and when it breaks, it is hard to repair. Also, you might feel ridiculous when you want to explain to others that your ring is not gold but fool’s gold.

Best rings for men made of Marcasite, the rings with black stone

Best Rings for Men by Tungsten and tungsten carbide

Are you looking for the most durable metal in the world? If you want a metal like that, tungsten is a good choice. Tungsten is the best men’s rings metal because it is almost unbreakable. However, there is one catch: Tungsten is prone to scratching. Therefore, if you don’t care for it properly, its appearance won’t be as shiny as you first got it.

Tungsten carbide is a stronger metal. With tungsten carbide, you don’t have to worry about ring discoloration or scratching. But be careful because tungsten is a very tough metal. It’s impossible to resize the best rings for men made of tungsten carbide, so you should buy a ring that fits your finger from the start.

Pros of wearing tungsten rings for men

What makes tungsten an ideal metal for rings is that it is a non-allergic metal, so you don’t have to worry about irritating your skin. Tungsten is a very tough metal, has a lustrous appearance, and costs less than many other metals for rings.

Cons of wearing tungsten rings for men

Before buying the best rings for men made of tungsten, choose one that fits your finger best because you can’t resize it later. Moreover, if you have to cut your ring for any reason, you are in a tight spot because tungsten is a hard metal and hard to cut.

Furthermore, if your tungsten carbide ring hits a hard surface, it will not bend but will break. So, take proper care of your tungsten ring because it is prone to scratching and breaking against hard surfaces.

Tungsten rings are the best rings for men, black ring

Best Rings for Men by Ceramic

One of the best metals for the best rings for men is ceramic. Ceramics material can be fired clay but consists of tungsten and titanium carbide. Ceramic is a tough metal and is heatproof. It won’t shatter if you hit it against a hard surface.

But most importantly, ceramic doesn’t cause allergies. For fashion rings for men, you can purchase a ceramic ring since ceramic has a myriad of colors and designs and is sold at a good price.

Pros of wearing ceramic rings for men

If you think the best ring for men should be a metal that weighs little and is not costly, a ceramic ring is a good choice, especially for stylish men’s rings. Also, when you wear ceramic rings, they won’t cause you any allergies.

Another good thing about ceramic rings is that they are durable and won’t be scratched easily. For the best men’s rings, you can have your ceramic ring with a simple design or detailed beautiful motifs.

Cons of wearing ceramic rings for men

One disadvantage of ceramic rings is that you can’t resize them later. Their composition makes them hard metals, which makes resizing them very difficult. Also, don’t hit them too hard against a hard surface. Although they are durable metals, a hard impact will break them.

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Ceramic rings are the best rings for men

Best Rings for Men by Wooden Rings

wooden ring is the best option if you want a product in harmony with nature and environmentally friendly. You can have a wooden ring custom-made by jewelers, and the material can either be hardwood or recovered wood.

Aside from being eco-friendly, the good thing about wooden rings is that they are not allergenic and don’t weigh much on your finger. Moreover, after you no longer use and throw them away, they are recyclable and will be decomposed easily in nature. The wooden ring is one of the best rings for men who love nature!

Pros of wearing wooden rings for men

Perhaps the best thing about wearing wooden rings is that you care for your natural environment. When you throw away the wooden rings, they decompose much faster than the other rings and become part of nature again.

Also, wooden rings are the best rings for men because they are not allergenic. Wooden rings don’t weigh much, and they are cheaper than most other rings.

Cons of wearing wooden rings for men

Although wearing a wooden ring can have many benefits, one of its disadvantages is that it harms easily. For instance, if the wooden ring is in contact with water or other chemicals, it might get damaged. So, you should be very careful and take good care of it. 

wooden rings are the best rings for men

Best Rings for Men by Silicone

Silicone has a shining and polished surface with various textures and styles. The good thing about silicon as a metal is that it is resistant to heat and cold. The stylish men’s rings made of silicone can endure temperatures as low as -50 and as high as +500 centigrade degrees.

Silicone is a resilient and elastic metal that makes it resistant to shattering when it hits hard surfaces. This elasticity means that silicon is not a suitable material for gemstone rings.

Pros of wearing silicone rings for men

Why is silicone rings the best rings for men? Silicone rings are strong, durable, elastic, and malleable, so you won’t have to worry about them getting broken or shattered. They are also inexpensive, so you can spend money on them without worrying about your budget.

Cons of wearing silicone rings for men

Because silicon is a malleable and flexible metal, it is improper for gemstones. Also, wearing a silicone ring doesn’t look much like a piece of jewelry. 

silicon rings are the best rings for men

Best Rings for Men by Zamak

Zamak is made of metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and copper and layered with zinc coating. The name alludes to the first letter of metals included in making it and is a German name. Zamak was made first in the US in the 1920s.

Zamak doesn’t have nickel, so it is hypoallergenic. Zamak makes beautiful rings, the best rings for men, with some natural and organic designs.

Pros of wearing Zamak rings for men

One of the significant advantages of wearing a Zamak ring is that it is hypoallergenic and cheap. So, for paying an insignificant sum, you can get a classically beautiful Zamak ring that doesn’t weigh much and can be considered one of the best men’s rings.

Cons of wearing Zamak rings for men

Although Zamak rings have a classic beauty, some designs may look rough. Also, you should be careful with these rings, because natural elements like water can easily damage them.

Zamak is made of metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and copper with zinc coating, best rings for men

Best Men’s Rings: Anxiety rings

In this article, we talked about rings and the best material that you can buy for your rings. But what about anxiety rings? Are they the best rings for men? There are times when we find it impossible to concentrate.

During this period, we might draw shapes on paper or tap our fingers on our desks without noticing what we’re doing. But what if you know some rings are designed to focus your straying mind on them? These rings are called fidget or anxiety rings.

Anxiety rings: The chain steel ring and the silver tone flexible ring

For example, the chain steel ring has a loose chain inside it that you can touch or twirl around your finger. In this way, you can fidget while your mind focuses.

Another example is the silver-tone flexible steel ring. The silver-tone elastic steel ring has texture and is resilient. You get a good feeling of pressing your finger against this ring or wrapping your finger around it and rotating it.

Anxiety rings: Evan Thiango Matte steel and Pearce Pyramids vintage and gold ring

Another suitable ring for anxiety is the Evan Thiago Matte steel 3-ring combo, which consists of three rings sliding over each other. The 3-rings don’t get trapped, so you can run your fingers on them as much as you like.

The last one is the Pearce Pyramids vintage and gold ring. This ring is a good choice if you want something that feels very good to touch and wrap your fingers around. The Pearce Pyramids vintage and gold ring has a texture like a screw thumb and is perfect for your finger to twist and twirl around.

Anxiety rings are the Best rings for men

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When it comes to the best rings for men, you want the best material and designs you can buy. In this article, we talked about materials suitable for stylish men’s rings and what fingers are ideal for the best men’s rings. Of course, you are certainly free to make your own choices or have rings custom-made for you.

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