cleaning gold earrings: Keep your earrings shiny with household products

Most women don’t take their earrings off even when they go to the bathroom or sleep. In this way, the accessories and earrings are more likely to get dirty than those who use earrings and jewelry just on specific occasions. So, all of us should be familiar with how to clean gold earrings. That’s the purpose of writing this article. I suggest you bookmark this page to use it later. Let’s see what the cleaning gold earrings tips are.

Cleaning gold earrings

Earrings can catch and accumulate a layer of grease, dirt, sweat, shampoo, and other hair and skin products. This buildup can cause your earrings to lose their shine and even irritate the skin around your earring, increasing the risk of infection. In this case, you need to clean your earrings frequently to look as shiny as new. Cleaning gold earrings are almost plain, and you can learn helpful tips in the following.

cleaning gold earrings

Cleaning gold earrings: 1. How to clean gold earrings with water?

  • Pour boiled water into a mug and put a mesh strainer on it.
  • Remove earring backs and put them into the mesh strainer.
  • Let the earrings be in the boiled water for about 30 minutes. (you can add a little bit of dishwasher to boiled water.)
  • After 30 minutes, use a toothbrush and scrub all sides of the earrings gently to make sure to remove all specks of dirt.
  • Put earrings on a soft paper towel or micro fabric towel and let them dry.

Caution: if your earrings have gemstones like opal and pearl, don’t soak them in water. In the following sections, we will give you instructions on cleaning gold earrings with gemstones.

Why do we use boiled water for cleaning gold earrings?

As we said earlier, gold earrings lose clarity when exposed to shampoo, air, or skin products. Placing the earring in boiling water causes these impurities to disappear and be washed away. So, cleaning gold earrings with boiled water is the easiest way, but not useful for gemstones.

cleaning gold earrings with boiled water

Cleaning gold earrings: 2. The truth behind using vinegar

It’s a common belief that cleaning gold jewelry with household products such as vinegar, toothpaste, and baking soda might be risky. But you can use vinegar as a disinfectant. Take a cotton ball or toothpick to apply the vinegar, focusing on the backs of your earrings that commonly contain grooves, so pick up residue from shampoo, conditioner, and lotions.

To avoid leaving a vinegar scent on your favorite pair of earrings, quickly rinse with cold water before use. There are other types of disinfectants as Rubbing Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide, which you should handle with care. Hydrogen peroxide will irritate the skin if it comes into direct contact with it and alcohol.

cleaning gold earrings with vinegar

Cleaning gold earrings: 3. clean your gold earrings with sanitizer

We talked about cleaning gold earrings with alcohol. It’s only logical that you ask: Is it safe to clean gold earrings with sanitizer? Yes. So long as your earrings are gold. Sanitizers also have alcohol in them. So, if alcohol isn’t harmful to gold and can clean it easily, sanitizer shouldn’t be a problem. You can prepare a water solution with sanitizer and soak your gold earrings in it.

Cleaning gold earrings with sanitizer

Cleaning gold jewelry: 4. Clean gold jewelry with baking soda

Do experts approve of cleaning gold earrings and jewelry with baking soda? And how to clean gold jewelry with baking soda? To answer these questions, we should consider cleaning the jewelry and gold sets with baking soda to evaluate their pros and cons.

Gold experts tend to ignore the homemade cleaning instructions that DIY daily life hacks on Instagram or TikTok content generators invented. Ideas that come up on social networks as fast and home remedies for cleaning jewelry are often not approved by experts. Experts believe that these remedies will have subsequent destructive effects over time.

Using baking soda to clean jewelry or gold sets is NOT often suggested. But if you should, using this combination with diluted quantities of soap and warm water is highly recommended. Be aware this will eventually damage the outer layer of gold and may affect its beauty and shine gradually, so wash it instantly with cold water & let the jewelry dry.

cleaning gold earrings with baking soda

How to clean tarnished gold?

Gold and jewelry may become tarnished or show signs of discoloration due to exposure to moisture, dust, or air pollutants and frequent contact with the body or hands. This challenge is more common in gold with lower carats. In such a situation, care should be still taken so that the gold surface and jewelry do not get scratched or damaged during the process. So how do clean tarnished gold?

Fill a bowl full of warm water. The water doesn’t need to be hot, just mildly warm. Add a couple of drops of jewelry cleaner or liquid soap, then let the jewelry or gold set soak for 10-15 minutes. This solution will work its way into those hard-to-reach places without using abrasive products. You can scrub them gently with a standard jewelry brush before drying them with a soft fabric. This method of cleaning gold earrings and jewelry is safe.

How to clean tarnished gold?

How to clean gold that turned black?

When your earrings turn black, they can have different reasons. But one of the reasons is that it has a tarnish on it. You can use water and soap and soak the earrings for a few minutes to clean the earrings that turned black. Or you can fill a bowl with warm water and add salt and a little baking soda. You can then put your earrings in for 10 minutes in that mixture.

You can then remove and gently brush them, rinse them with warm water, and then dry them with a soft cloth. Be careful not to add baking soda very sparingly because, as we said, it can be too abrasive. And instead of cleaning gold earrings, you may damage them.

How to clean gold that turned black?

Cleaning gold diamond earrings

Some people wear earrings that have gemstones like diamonds in them. Cleaning gold diamond earrings is also similar to cleaning gold earrings. For cleaning this type of earrings, you can put gold diamond earrings in a bowl of mildly warm water and add a little soap or cleaning material.

After that, let the earrings soak in the mixture for 15 to 30 minutes. Then, you can remove your gold diamond earrings from the water. Finally, brush them gently with a toothbrush to remove any residue, and dry them with a soft towel or fabric.

Cleaning gold earrings gold diamond earrings

Cleaning white gold earrings

White gold is a type of gold with metals such as silver or palladium. That’s why it has a shiny silvery colorCleaning white gold earrings is a simple process. You need a few materials. First, fill your bowl with mildly warm water, add a few drops of dish soap, and soak your white gold earrings in the solution. Let the earrings soak for 15 to 20 minutes. So, the process of cleaning gold earrings is done.

Cleaning gold white gold earrings

Cleaning white gold earrings with gemstones

However, gold earrings with gemstones like pearls don’t fare well in this mixture. That’s why you should dip a soft fabric in water and soap and wrap them around your white gold earrings with gemstones. Then, prepare a paste from baking soda and water for cleaning gold earrings.

Pick a toothbrush and rub it in the paste. Then, scrub the toothbrush gently on your gold earrings, rinse them with warm water, and dry them with a soft fabric.

cleaning gold earrings with gemstone

Cleaning gold pearl earrings

To clean gold pearl earrings, you should be a bit more careful. For cleaning gold earrings with pearl, it’s best not to soak them for minutes in a mixture of soap and warm water. What you can do is pick a soft fabric or cloth. Then, dip the fabric in the water and dish soap and rub the fabric on your gold pearl earrings. Rub it gently to erase the germs and grime. So you can clean your gold pearl earrings without damaging them.

Cleaning gold earrings that contains pearl

What should you not clean gold with?

In this article, we talked about cleaning gold earrings. Taking care of your gold jewelry and earrings is of so importance. Although gold is a resistant metal and can last for a long time, it might get tarnished and attract germs.

However, there are materials that you should avoid using to clean gold jewelry. So, don’t use bleach, toothpaste, and commercial metal cleaners for cleaning gold jewelry. They are abrasive substances and can damage them. We also talked a bit about baking soda. We said that you could drop a bit of it into warm water. But be careful. It can harm your gold if you apply it in large amounts.


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