How to Resize A Ring: Resize Ring With simple and homemade Methods

Who can deny the allure of gold? When we put on a gold ring, we draw everyone’s attention. Gold jewelry in different cultures signifies power and wealth. That is why men and women have worn gold jewelry since ancient times, and they still wear it today. But after a while, your fingers might get bulky or thinner. This would be a problem because you might not be able to put your ring on your fingers, or it might just fall off your finger and get lost. But don’t worry. There are many ways to resize a ring that you can do easily and by yourself. This article will explain how to resize a ring yourself and how jewelers do it.

Why is resizing your ring important?

Before we explain how to resize a ring yourself, let us tell you why resizing rings is essential. Why not just buy a new ring and replace your old one? For some people, rings have sentimental value. Many women cherish their engagement and wedding rings and don’t want to throw them away. But more importantly, if you don’t resize your ring when it has become too tight on your fingers or too loose, it may damage your fingers or your ring. But why?

how to resize a ring and the jewelers options
Sizing down your ring or sizing it up will protect the ring and your finger

Many people might ask why sizing up or down your ring is important. Imagine that you have a ring that is too big for your finger, During the day, your ring will always slide on your finger, and it might fall off, break, or get lost.

On the other hand, if your ring is too tight on your finger, it can disrupt your blood flow and cause your fingers to be swollen or have bruises. Ultimately, this will only make it harder for you to remove your ring.

Furthermore, if your ring has gems and is too tight on your finger, this tightness can also damage your gems. How to resize a ring to make it suitable for you when working with your hands.

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 how to resize a ring or your wedding ring

How to resize a ring at home: What size is best for a ring

Before resizing a ring to make it larger or smaller, the best thing you can do before purchasing any ring is figure out your ring size. But what is the best size for a ring? When you wear a ring on your finger, it shouldn’t cause any pain.

So it shouldn’t be too tight. On the other hand, it should be tight enough because the ring might slide off your fingers or get lost. So, the best ring size is a ring that is neither too tight nor too loose.

Also, it is good for the ring to have a bit of resistance when you want to take it off. If you’re not sure about your ring size, you can always go to a jewelry store and ask them to measure it for you.  To know the ways How to resize a ring at home read the following tips: 

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What is the best size for the ring, how to resize a ring
How are rings resized: DIY methods for resizing a ring

Ideally, you should take your ring to a jeweler to resize it. But if for whatever reason, you are unable to do so, you can resize your ring at home and with tools. In this section, we explained the ways how to resize a ring larger or smaller at home.

How to resize a ring DIY with a thread

Want to have a tried and true method that is cheap and practical to make your ring smaller? If so, you can always use a thread. But how to resize a ring with a thread? This is an old method and is very easy to do.

You can cut a thread as much as you want and wrap it continuously around the bottom part of your ring. Do this until your ring has become smaller in size. Although this method is inexpensive and useful, your ring won’t look as beautiful as before.

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How to resize a ring smaller at home with glue

Resizing a ring with glue might be dangerous if you’re not careful. If you want to try this method, you have to be careful not to touch the glue when you’re working with it. Pour some amount of heated or Aquamarine glue on a flat surface. Before it dries, apply it with a stick on the inside of your ring.

After letting the glue dry, wear the ring to test if it fits your finger. Trying this method is useful, but you have to be careful and avoid touching the glue. Otherwise, it is a very useful and practical method for resizing a ring.

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how to resize rings with glue

How can you resize rings: Give your ring to a jeweler

In the previous sections, we explained how to resize a ring larger at home or make it smaller by yourself. These methods are cheaper, and you don’t have to pay much to do them, but they also pose a risk to your ring.

If you’re not careful, your ring might get damaged. If you have a gold ring, the damage done to it might lessen its value. Therefore, if you want to make your jeweled ring smaller or bigger and also keep its quality, it’s best to give it to a jeweler.

The jeweler uses professional tools that resize your ring without damaging it. There are multiple ways that a jeweler can resize your ring, which we will explain in the following paragraphs:

how to resize your ring to be bigger or smaller

How to resize a ring bigger or smaller: Cutting and welding

One of the methods for resizing a ring is cutting and welding. For either making the ring smaller or bigger, The jewelers will first cut the ring. Then they will weld the two ends of the ring to make it smaller.

If they want to make the ring bigger, they will stretch the two ends of the ring apart to make it bigger. After that, they will fill the missing part of the ring by using its’ cut pieces.

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How to resize a ring: jewelers tips

How to resize a ring smaller by using sizing balls

Jewelers use sizing balls to make rings smaller. Depending on the metal of your ring, the sizing balls can resize your gold, or steel rings. The jewelers will add two sizing balls to the inside of your ring to make them smaller.

This is one of the best methods for resizing your ring because it will not damage it, and its appearance will not change. That is why many people use this method to resize the ring.

However, before you choose this method, try on a ring that has already been resized by adding sizing balls to it. If you like it, then you can choose this method for sure.

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How to resize a ring that is too big by using a spring insert

If you don’t like adding sizing balls to the inside of your ring, you can try this method. A spring insert is shaped like a horseshoe, and Jewellers insert it inside the ring to make it smaller.

So, if you have a ring that is too big and you don’t want to put sizing balls inside it, you can always use the spring insert method to make it smaller.

How to resize a ring: spring insert

Different ways to resize a ring by using a fold-over device

In this method, there’s a fold-over device used, which has a hinge and a latch. Jewelers place the fold-over device in the lower part of the ring band to make it smaller. If you’re not sure about using this method, you can wear a ring that has become smaller by using a fold-over device. Then, you can decide if this method is best for you or not.

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How much does it cost to resize a ring?

If you want to resize your ring and are considering going to a jeweler, you might think about the cost of resizing a ring. The price of resizing the ring might depend on the material of the ring.

For example, assume that your ring is gold. If the jeweler is going to add sizing balls to your ring, he will ask you if you want your sizing balls to be gold or other metals. If you choose the gold, the jeweler will add the golden sizing balls’ price to resize your ring.

However, if you choose another metal for your sizing balls, the price of resizing your ring might be lower. So, the material of your ring and the method that you choose for resizing your ring affect the cost of resizing your ring.

how to resize a ring: ring mandrel

How to resize a ring: Make the ring smaller or bigger!

In this article, we explained the ways how to resize a ring to make it bigger or smaller at home and by a jeweler. Although resizing a ring at home is certainly cheaper, and you don’t have to go to a jeweler, it also has the risk of damaging it.

Therefore, we recommend that you go to a professional jeweler to resize your ring. If you are a fan of gold jewelry and like gold rings, take a look at our Sun and Moon gold jewelry. Here, we offer beautiful and top-quality rings and gold accessory at the best prices.



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