2023 jewellery trends: Be irresistible with these top 10 trends!

When we are choosing jewellery, some of us might go for something delicate, small and pretty. But if you want to be the centre of attention, then you should choose jewellery with big and bold designs. For instance, imagine a necklace with detailed designs, studded with gems and set with earrings that have astronomer shapes. Now, you can match these two pieces with a dazzling cluster ring. This way, nobody can stop looking at you! But how to get this irresistible look? Well, one way to do this is to look at 2023 jewellery trends. If you want to have the best jewellery pieces, take a look at our guide for jewellery trends 2023.

2023 jewellery trends: Jewellery with celestial designs

Jewellery with celestial and astronomical designs is trendy this year and is one of the hottest 2023 jewellery trends. If you’re looking for the best brands for making celestial jewellery, you can always go for Missoma and Rixo. Missoma and Rixo are the dominant brands for making jewellery with celestial motifs.

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What type of jewellery is trending now: Jewellery with celestial designs

What are the 2023 jewellery trends: Chokers

One of the 2023 jewellery trends that are very hot this year is chokers. A well-known brand that creates chokers is Chanel which is currently leading with luxe chokers. Acne studios is another active brand in hot jewellery trends which focuses on designing dog collar chokers with spikes studded throughout them.

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What are the jewellery trends for 2023: Chokers

The most popular 2023 jewellery trends: Body jewellery

If you feel like wearing piercings on your ears, nose and lips, then body jewellery is the perfect choice for you. Body jewellery is definitely one of the latest 2023 jewellery trends and the perfect brand for you to choose for buying this kind of jewelry is David Koma. David Koma, in one of its spring 2023 runways, showcased exquisite metallic jewelry for spring and summer. So, if you are a fan of piercings, you can choose this brand.

The most popular jewellery trends for 2023: Body jewellery

What kind of jewellery is most popular: Ear cuffs

One of the fashion jewellery trends for this year that is becoming increasingly popular is ear cuffs. If you want your ears to look fabulous, but don’t want them to endure the pain of piercing, then ear cuffs have what you need. Our recommendation for the perfect brand to purchase ear cuffs is Completed Works. Completed Works brand produces beautiful ear cuffs that have a retro style.

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What kind of jewellery is most popular: Ear cuffs

Diamond 2023 jewelry trends: Cocktail rings

If you want to put on a ring that looks flashy and extravagant, you can go for cocktail rings. This type of ring gives you a feel of glittering parties and excess. For purchasing cocktail rings, a good brand for producing cocktail rings is Thomas Sabo which designs cocktail rings with many colored gemstones.

Diamond jewelry trends 2023: Cocktail rings

Are pearls in for 2023?

Who can say no to pearls? Especially this year they are big, bold and flashy and you just can’t ignore them. Jewelry like cluster earrings and pearl necklaces never go out of style and this year is no different. With so many designs, pearl jewelry remains one of the top 2023 jewellery trends.

Are pearls in for 2023?

The spring 2023 Jewellery trends: Celestial earrings

If you like astronomy and zodiac signs, then you’ll love celestial earrings. Celestial earrings with motifs like moon, star or sun easily capture our attention, especially if they have sparkly designs with gemstones. In the previous paragraphs, we talked about the Missoma brand and how Missoma produces celestial jewellery with celestial designs. Its celestial earrings are breathtaking and if you want dazzling jewellery with astronomical designs, this brand is top quality.

Jewellery trends spring 2023: Celestial earrings

Diamond jewellery trends 2023: Thick cuffs

Want to have a large and thick bracelet that draws everyone’s eyes to you? Then, use a thick bracelet in the shade of gold or brass. In this way, no one can avert their eyes from you. Thick bracelets are one of the best 2023 jewellery trends and the brand that you can choose for buying them is Saint Laurent, although it is a bit expensive. If you want to purchase bracelets at better prices, you can choose Mejuri.

Diamond jewellery trends 2023: Thick cuffs

10 2023 jewellery trends ideas: Heart-stopping chokers

Sometimes, in place of the understated and subtle jewelry, we want something more dramatic and flashy. Chokers fall into this category. For instance, you can have a choker with a unique texture and have a heart pendant dangling from it. Of course, there are even more outlandish designs for chokers. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that chokers are one of the trending jewellery designs this year.

10 jewellery trends ideas: Heart-stopping chokers

10 biggest 2023 jewellery trends to know: Body jewellery pieces

Interested in trying something new and different? If you are, body jewellery is made of pieces with silver and gold and its cool colors are best in the warm months of summer, as these colours look their best in these months. For wearing body jewelry, it looks best against bare skin.

10 biggest jewellery trends to know in 2023: Body jewellery pieces

What is the latest jewellery trends: Silver jewellery

The cool tones and colours of silver jewelry are taking centre stage in new trends in jewellery, especially for springtime. So, be sure to include silver pieces in your jewels.

What is the latest jewellery trends: Silver jewellery

Elegant 2023 jewellery trends: Chunky chains

Combine a classic necklace design with another layer of chain and you get a fabulous look. This look is resistible, chic and stylish, so you can’t really say no to this.

Elegant jewellery trends in 2023: Chunky chains

Jewellery trends for 2023: Tooth jewellery

Ever considered adorning your beautiful teeth with diamonds or gemstones? If you are into this kind of thing, then go for it. But if you’re looking for inspiration to have teeth jewelry, look for celebrities like Rihanna and Haily Bieber.

Jewellery trends for 2023: Tooth jewellery

Hottest jewellery trends

In small or big sizes, wearing accessories and jewels can make a difference in how our everyday style looks. So, wearing jewellery is important to many people. That is why the first thing we do often is to look at jewellery trends every year and based on our personal preferences, we choose among them. If you like accessories and jewels, take a look at our online Sun & Moon jewellery store. Here, we offer the most beautiful jewellery at the best prices.


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