2023 necklace trends: The 10 best necklace trends to know for 2023

Jewelry has always been a source of enthusiasm for women to express their beauty and enhance attractiveness and self-assurance. You can wear jewelry to complement your clothes and your daily style and be confident in front of others. That is why it matters to find jewelry that you know fits your style and can wear daily. Women wear jewelry styles like earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Necklaces have long been one of the women’s favorite pieces of jewelry. In this article, we want to introduce the most popular 2023 necklace trends to help you find the best style.

2023 necklace trends

Top 10 2023 necklace trends: 1. Chain link necklaces

Chain necklaces are one of the top 2023 necklace trends. They are mostly made of steel, gold, or silver. Chain link necklaces can be thick or thin. You can wear them alone or as layers to match other necklaces.

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Chain link necklaces known as one of the 2023 necklace trendsNecklace trends fall 2023: 2. Chokers and collars

If you want to wear a necklace that stays very close to your neck, collars, and chokers can be a great choice. A choker is a short necklace style that fits the neck closely. The collar is also a short necklace, but it rests on the upper chest, just below the base of the neck. Both of these choices can be top 2023 necklace trends.

Chokers and collars is one of the 2023 necklace trends

2023 Necklace trends: 3. Lockets

Locket necklaces are very personal choices. This kind of necklace can be very dear to its owner. A locket is a small case usually made of precious metal and has space for putting a remembrance. The owner can put tiny mementos like pictures and worn typically suspended from a chain or necklace.

Lockets can be very personal and very precious to their owners. Locket necklaces come in different designs and can be your choice for the top 2023 necklace trends.

consider lockets as one of the top 2023 necklace trends

2023 necklace trends: 4. Necklaces with stars and moon pendants

If you are looking for jewelry that gives your style an otherworldly look, a necklace with constellations, stars, and moon pendants can be a great choice. Not only these necklace trends are the top choice for 2023, but they can also give you a unique look and complement your style with the perfect choice for an outfit.

Necklaces with stars and moon pendants is in the list of 2023 necklace trends

Fall 2023 jewelry trends: 5. Elegant pearl necklaces

Who doesn’t like these white and shining beads hanging from their neck? Pearls necklace is the trendiest necklace you absolutely must have. In the past, pearl necklaces were indicative of a person’s luxurious lifestyle because pearls were hard to procure.

A pearl necklace is a traditional choice of jewelry. Since ancient times, pearl necklaces have been popular among women. Therefore, it is very likely that they will remain one of the most favorite women’s necklace trends for many years.

pearl necklaces known as one of the most popular 2023 necklace trends

2023 necklace trends: 6. Colorful gemstone necklaces, popular for young adults

Looking for something colorful but also unique? Do you want something that comes from nature? The gemstone necklace can answer all your needs and is a popular necklace for young adults. These gemstones come in different colors, and they remind the beauty and chaos of nature.

Gemstone necklaces are a good choice for the long pendant necklace trend in 2023 because you can match them with your daily outfits and style. Ruby, quartz, sapphire, and amethyst are popular gemstone pendants.

Colorful gemstone necklaces is a great options for teenagers who follow 2023 necklace trends

Jewelry trends 2023: 7. charm pendants

Charm necklaces are types of pendants and are made of metal, gemstones, glass, and beads. There was a belief in old times that charm pendants could protect you from forces of evil. Whatever your beliefs are, if you are looking for something beautiful, a long necklace with one or several charm pendants is a great option. This type of necklace is also one of the jewelry trends in 2023.

2023 necklace trends: charm pendants

2023 gold necklace trends: 8. Initial necklaces

Are you looking for something personalized? Then, initial necklaces or monogram jewelry is the right option for you. Initial necklaces are long necklaces that have a pendant with your initial name. Initial necklaces have been around for a long time.

Queen Anne Boleyn used to wear one in the 16th century. They are very personalized jewelry and have always been popular. Therefore, it is no wonder they are still one of the gold necklaces trends in 2023.

Initial necklaces and the 2023 on-trend necklaces

Fall 2023 jewelry trends: 9. Necklaces with minimal design

Sometimes we don’t want something big and bold, and we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves. We want something that has a simple design and is not eye-catching. For this, you can go for necklaces with minimal base.

These necklaces are simple, and they use less material than other necklaces. You can wear them as a base layer for other necklaces, or if you want, you can use them alone. Whatever the case, necklaces with minimal design have been one of the most popular necklace trends for some time now.

necklaces with minimal design have been one of the most popular 2023 necklace trends

Most popular necklace trends: 10. On-trend gold necklace

Gold has always been a popular choice for women’s necklace trends. So, it is no wonder many women like wearing gold necklaces. A simple gold chain is one of the on-trend necklaces you can wear. They have a simple design, can make your daily outfits shine, and can be a great addition to your style.

everything about 2023 gold necklace trends

Diamond jewelry trend 2023

Most of the jewelry we introduced in this article was gold, silver, gemstones, or other metals, but we didn’t talk about diamonds. If you’re not worried about your budget and can afford diamonds, some diamond necklace trends in 2023 are stunning.

There are beautiful diamond chokers that can look good on your neck, and of course, there are heart-shaped pendants. There are long necklaces with diamonds and tennis necklaces. Tennis diamond necklaces are round necklaces you can wear either to special occasions or every day.

So, as you see, there is no shortage of diamond jewelry trends in 2023. You have to decide whether you can afford diamonds. They look good on your skin and can be an excellent choice for your daily or special outfits.

Diamond necklace

Are long necklaces in style in 2023?

We talked about the top 10 2023 necklace trends and ideas and styles that are currently in trend. So, a question that might come to your mind is: Are long necklaces in style in 2023? The answer is yes. Long necklaces are still stylish necklaces.

It depends on your preference and your outfit, but long necklaces have always been popular and there is no indication that they will go out of style anytime soon. In the Sun and Moon online store, we offer long necklaces and chokers. If you’re interested in any kind of necklace, visit our site to check long necklace price and pendant price.

can we consider long necklaces as 2023 necklace trends?


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14 March 2023


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