Shopping Guide

Customer peace of mind and satisfaction has always been one of the priorities of Digikala, and Digikala strives to ensure that every order reaches the customer in the desired and expected conditions. However, after the purchase, esteemed customers may face issues that in such cases are considered in the context of after-sales service. Due to the wide range of product groups offered on the Digikala website, all products that should reach the consumer physically healthy (such as goods in the category of culture and art, sports and entertainment, clothing and footwear, non-electrical home appliances, toys, perfumes and Eau de cologne, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics and personal care, electrical and non-electrical personal appliances, consumer goods such as cartridges and printer ink and computer internal components such as graphics card, motherboard, processor, etc. and carpet group) with a guarantee of authenticity and physical health Are and are not subject to 7 days deadline for testing and return of goods. Also, the items that are sent as a gift by Digikala along with the order and are included in the sales invoice with the amount of zero Rials, are not included in the 7-day exchange guarantee. For other products that need a test period, Digikala has 7 days to return.


Privacy policies

Digikala respects and protects the privacy of individuals who use the Site Services.

Digikala is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience. In fact, by using the Digikala site, you signify your consent to this policy.

All content available through any of Digikala’s services, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, video images, downloadable and copyable items, data and all content produced by Digikala is part of Digikala’s property and Digikala reserves the right to use and publish all available and available content, and any use without obtaining written permission reserves the right to prosecute Digikala. In addition, the scripts, and the names of the services that can be provided through any of the services created by Digikala and the registered trademarks are the exclusive property of Digikala and any use for commercial purposes is subject to legal prosecution. Users are allowed to exploit and use the list of products, technical specifications, prices and any use of derivatives of the Digikala website or any of the services or content, download or copy information for commercial purposes, any use Data mining, robots, or similar methods such as data collection and extraction tools are not expressly reserved by Digikala. In case of using any of the services of Digikala, users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password, and all activities that take place under the account or password are the responsibility of users. Digikala sells products suitable for use by people under the age of 18, and if users are younger than the stated age, they must inform their parents or legal guardians before making a purchase.

The only official reference we have approved to contact you is the official site of this site, We will not contact you in any way other than sending a letter from the official and approved addresses on the site. Digikala Kala website does not have any website with an address other than and also, does not have any blog and ID in internet chat programs such as Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger, etc. and will never contact you in these ways. Does not take. Users can only use the addresses listed in the Contact Us section to communicate.

Registration, processing and sending of orders

– Working day means Saturday to Thursday of each week, with the exception of public holidays in Iran, and all registered orders are processed during working days and the first day after the holidays. Digikala allows its customers to place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– All orders registered on the Digikala website are processed by sending the order code via SMS and the pre-invoice via email. Digikala always takes utmost care in sending and delivering all registered orders. However, if the stock of products in Digikala runs out, even after the customer places an order, Digikala reserves the right to cancel that order or refund the order, or the customer can replace the finished product. Arrived to replace another product.

– In case of problems in the final processing of the shopping cart, such as running out of stock or customer cancellation, the amount paid will be credited to the customer’s account within 24 to 48 working hours.

– Digikala is allowed to stop its actions and sales without prior notice to stop new orders, and all registered orders will be processed and sent before the order is stopped. Digikala reserves the right to discontinue the sale of all or part of the products for any reason, such as running out of stock, without prior notice.

– In the event of any error in the entry of the price and value of the goods available on the Digikala website, Digikala reserves the right to invalidate the order and purchase made by the customer. Digi Kala will deposit and return the received funds to the account announced by the customer as soon as possible, and the customer accepts by entering the Digikala website that he is aware of this and will not have any claims in this regard.

– Users must complete the order form with correct and complete information when ordering their desired product. Obviously, in case of incomplete or incorrect information, the user’s order can not be tracked and delivered. Therefore, entering the address, e-mail and mobile and landline numbers by the customer, confirms their accuracy, and if these items are not entered correctly or completely, Digikala can from the customer, to ensure the accuracy and certainty of order registration. Additional information can be requested. Customers can also enter the name, address and phone number of another person to receive the order, and if the order amount is prepaid, the recipient of the order must have an ID card when receiving the goods.

– Due to the registration system of the order, it is not possible to re-issue the invoice or change its specifications, including changing the invoice issued in the name of a natural person, in the name of a legal entity. Therefore, customers need to be careful when registering an order, and if they need to be issued an invoice in the legal name, when registering their order, by selecting the option “Complete legal information” and enter the details of the organization , Apply for corporate purchase and receive an official invoice.

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– Search and select goods
You can use three methods to search for your desired product on the Digikala website:
– Use the search bar tool (if you have already selected the model or brand you want)
There is a search tool at the top of the site pages and you can go directly to your desired product by typing the name or part of the product name in the search bar.
– Using segmentation of product groups
Below the search bar tool is the product grouping, which by placing the mouse pointer on each of them, the related product categories of that product group are displayed.
Then by clicking on the product categories, you will be taken to an advanced search page where you can restrict your search by type, color or color.
In the next steps, you can use the advanced search tool of the site and by selecting the features that are more important to you, in addition to limiting the price range of the product, you can more easily select the desired product.
– Use the quick access tool
In the quick access bar on the main page of the site, you can also click on the desired product group to be taken to the advanced search page.

There are also sections on the site including “Latest ‌ Goods”, “Most Popular Goods” and “Best Sellers” that review products in these sections can help you choose Help the product you want.
2- Adding goods to the cart
After selecting the product that you have the final decision to buy, by clicking on the add to cart option, you will enter the shopping cart page. If you want to buy more goods, add them to your shopping cart so that they can be processed and sent to you as an order. It should be noted that if the total amount of goods ordered by you is more than one hundred thousand tomans, in Tehran, Digikala will be subject to free express delivery.

3- Finalize the purchase
After selecting the desired goods and adding them to the shopping cart, you must complete and finalize your order in the following 4 steps:
1) Login to Digikala, 2) Order sending information, 3) Order review and 4) Payment information.
If you have added your desired goods to the shopping cart without logging in to the site, you must log in to the site by entering your username and password in the “Login to Digikala” step. If you do not already have an account with Digikala, you can easily become a member of the site in a few seconds by entering your email and details, and then register your shopping cart. Then, during the next steps, your order will be registered and ready to be processed.