Payment methods

1- Payment through internet portal

All Digikala users can pay for their order online and register it in the payment section of the shopping cart when registering an order, through the internet portal of Saman and Parsian Banks on the Digikala website or through the internet panel of their personal bank. Successful payment of the amount is the final registration of this payment for the order and there is no need to inform it and the order automatically enters the preparation and sending stages.

Note that the recipient of the order must have an ID card when receiving the goods.

It should be noted that online payment creates priority and speeds up the processing of users’ orders.


– How to pay online

Dear users of Digikala site, you can pay for your order using all bank cards that are members of Shetab network. Currently, with the cards of National Banks, Saderat, Parsian, Saman, Eghtesad Novin, Pasargad, Mellat, Agriculture, Export Development, Industry and Mining, Sina Bank and Karafarin, it is possible to buy online. When paying online, you will be asked for the following information, which, after entering them and confirming the payment, you will be notified of the success of your payment operation.


1- 16-digit card number

This number is written on the card of all banks.


2- Online shopping password or second password

To pay online, you must have already activated the second password (online shopping password) of your bank card.

The second password (online shopping password) is different from the password you enter when using an ATM. Some banks, such as Saman Bank, usually deliver the online password when issuing the card, but most banks do not have an online purchase password at the time of delivery. To activate the online purchase password, you can go to the ATM of the bank issuing your card. And enter your card and select the password operations section. Then, in the second password or Internet password section, select your password.


3- Code CVV2

This code is a 3 or 4 digit number that is inserted on the back or on the bank cards and is used as a security code in online payments. This code is engraved on the card of Mellat, Saderat, Pasargad, Saman, Parsian, etc. banks as a 3-digit number, or on some cards, such as Bank Melli, it is 4-digit.


4- Expiration date

The expiration date is also engraved on most bank cards. If your card does not have an expiration date, you can use the number 12 instead of the month and 99 instead of the year the card expires.


2- Payment at the place of delivery

Dear users, it is recommended to make your payment online to speed up the order processing. However, for the convenience of those customers who wish to pay for their order when they receive it, DJ ‌ Kala has also made it possible that if their order delivery address, Tehran or one of the cities covered Express delivery of Digikala goods, pay the cost when receiving the order, in one of the following ways.

It should be noted that orders that are sent by freight or their amount is more than thirty million rials, must be settled through online payment before sending.


– Payment by bank card at the place of delivery

Since all DJI goods delivery agents come with mobile card readers (POS), it is possible to make your payment acceleration using network member cards when delivering your order on the spot.


– Cash payment at the place of delivery

For the convenience of those customers who want to pay for their order in cash, DJIkala has also provided the possibility of cash payment on the spot.

3- Card to card payment


Users who are not able to pay online through the Digikala Gateway or pay on the spot can deposit their order to the card number listed in this section. To pay card by card, you can use ATMs or card to internet card. However, payment through the online payment portal of Digikala site is easier and faster due to its high degree of automation, and Digikala suggests that you use this method to pay.


Digikala account number:






– If the order payment is paid online, the recipient of the order when receiving the goods, must have a valid ID card such as a national card.

– Dear customers, it is recommended to make your payment online to speed up the order processing.

– Orders that are sent by freight or their amount is more than thirty million rials, it is necessary to be settled by sending card to card or online payment before sending.